August 20, 2019

Katniss & The Hunger Games Making Archery Cool

 Kids are going gaga for archery weeks after the release of the movie “The Hunger Games”.  Associated Press reports that there is a 20% increase in the sale of archery equipment, “All of a sudden sales of bows have, like, tripled,” said Paul Haines, a salesman at the Ramsey Outdoor store in Paramus, N.J. 

Heroine Katniss — a deadly shot with an arrow — seems to resonate more with girls.  “Katniss is so inspiring,” said Gabby Lee, who asked for archery lessons for her 12th birthday.   Abbey Fitzpatrick in Sandy Creek, N.Y., also asked for her own bow and arrows for her birthday. “It’s black. It really looks like Katniss’s bow, she was so brave and very heroic in the games.”    Looks like the movie hit the target with young, female consumers and their families.  Good stuff for girls!

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