October 28, 2020

Celebrity Stylists Beware

While Costume Designers for TV and Film have a Guild to set guidelines and establish rules, wardrobe stylists do not.   I’ve had the honor and horror of working with hundreds of stylists.   Most are really good at their jobs.  FIDM in Los Angeles now has a program to teach the “how” and “why” of borrowing clothing for celebrities.  Keep in mind your signature on clothing and jewelry (some worth the price of a house) make you responsible.  I’ve heard stories of a stylist driving off with thousands of dollars worth of diamonds on the roof of her car.  I once had a stylist leave clothing in the back seat of her car overnight only to find windows smashed with Armani & Calvin Klein clothing stolen.

The most recent news headline is Nicki Minaj’s stylist filing a lawsuit for Minaj allegedly not returning $74k worth of high end clothing.  Stylists beware!

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