December 13, 2017

Fashion Shows to Inspire

Having Produced hundreds of fashion shows, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld never cease to inspire me. This season’s waterfall was amazing.  Look for opportunities to be unique and different to showcase your brand.

Helen Mirren Glam for Fashion Press

It is harder than ever to get fashion/celeb print press. Look outside the “norm”, look for the unexpected like Helen Mirren at a recent fashion catwalk

Secret to Dressing a Celebrity for the Red Carpet

What is the secret to dressing a celebrity on the red carpet?  Great color, low neckline, interesting jewelry, beautiful actress and an Herve Leger Leroux gown!

The Importance of Hollywood’s Fashion Stylists

It’s time to gear up for Hollywood’s award show season.  There is no better time than now to “get to know” Hollywood’s top stylists.  This list, put together by Vanity Fair, is still current but there are so many more great stylists you’ll need to target.  Why?  Because it’s their job to select the best […]

Shoe Enthusiast Kimberly Guilfoyle

Put your politics aside shoe aficionados – Kimberly Guilfoyle is front and center every night on Fox TV’s “The Five”.  Don’t miss the product placement opportunity to showcase your brand of shoes.  This kind of visibility is better than any red carpet.