May 25, 2017

Do Celebrities Get Paid to Wear a Dress on the Red Carpet?

Caring For Your Valuable Jewelry

Sharing this wonderful article from Stilnest Jewelry.   Enjoy!                                                       We love jewelry – rings, necklaces, bracelets; if it’s shiny and pretty, we love it. In order for our […]

First Lady Fashion

No matter how you lean politically, we have a new first lady sure to set some eye catching fashion moments.  Michelle Obama helped bring attention to American designers, J. Crew and sent a few of us to the gym to build arm muscles.  Vogue cover anyone?  Melania is classic with a European touch.   Use […]

The Olsen Twins set Eyewear Trends

Considering a purchase of a new pair of sunglasses?  Look no further than the Olsen Twins to learn what is the newest trend.  Celebrities are frequently on the “seeding” list of every eye wear brand.   Lucky!  They are sent a free pair of sunglasses in hope they will turn up wearing them in public. […]

Celebrities and Weight Loss

Most of my women friends tell me they could stand to loose a few pounds.  Who and what diet influences them?   Oprah Winfrey’s 30 pound weight loss is one of the more successful celebrity influenced diets.   Celebrities as spokes person tends to work, especially if the person is someone women can relate.  For example, […]