August 15, 2018

Phillip Bloch – Stylist to the Stars

Before anyone knew what the word “stylist” meant, Phillip Bloch was working behind the scene dressing celebrities for photo shoots, press junkets and the biggest red carpets in the world.  Celebrities relied on him for his attention to detail and for creating memorable moments.  Mr. Bloch is now turning his attention to mere mortals who […]

Who Owns Celebrity Photos

If you market your product to a celebrity and see them post a photo on social media, you should be excited right?  The downfall is who owns that photo?   Celebrity photography has gotten tricky.   Photographers have gone past red carpet photos and have geared up toward street photos.  Sharing a photo registered with the US […]

Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot Plugs Make Up on Instagram

Wonder if hitching your wagon to a celebrities social media works?  Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot shared her pre-show make up application on Oscar night reaching 1,061,000 on her Instagram.

Celebrity Marketing Measures Up

Wonder if celebrity marketing measures up?  Check out Lupita Nyong’o and  Ralph & Russo’s gray gown numbers.  Stacy Jones of Hollywood Branded says the brand mention reached 713.5 million readers at a PR Value of $13,084,612.

SpaceX + Tesla Design = Comfortable Red Carpet Stilettos

If ever there is a red carpet product, it’s finally here!  Imagine A list celebrities describing comfort + fashion in four inch heels.  Their day starts in  hair and make-up,  the limo ride, red carpet and photos, the Award Show and after parties. Which means hours of wearing beautiful but uncomfortable shoes.  Many of the […]