January 27, 2021

Kylie Jenner’s Social Media Tips

Kylie Jenner has millions of social media followers that help promote herself and Kylie Cosmetics. What are her social media tips for other business entrepreneurs? Forbes Magazine examined her methods and suggested a few helpful tips: Know Your Audience – She’s tapped into the demographic of millennials and Gen Z’ers who are passionate about new […]

Searching for Sunglasses

New year, new sunglasses! I started my search for what the new trend might be in sunglasses for 2021 by looking at what celebrities are wearing. The current trends are for smaller frames, oversize trends and retro, I settled for the cat eye look, Celebs Gigi Hadid and Scarlet Johansson show off the perfect cat […]

Celebrity-Endorsed Gifting – Holiday Gift Suggestions From The Stars

Variety Magazine put together some great celeb inspired gifts for 2020. In a “Covid” Christmas, the best suggestions are the “you buy, we give back”. Check out Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee or Jennifer Garner’s Once Upon A Farm. Looking for more pricey suggestions? Variety’s check list will hit the mark for some fun, fashion […]

Hallmark Movies & Winter Coats

OK I’ll admit it, I love to watch Hallmark Christmas movies! I get cozy with my Christmas tree, roaring fire and a glass of wine. I am inspired by all the fashionable winter coats on display! Calvin Klein, Burberry and more! It’s all about the collar!

Spot the Trend

If you are a fashion designer looking to connect with a celebrity, make sure to study current trends. At the recent American Music Awards, the red carpet was an opportunity to see “leg” . Next step, gather images of your dresses showing “leg” and get to celebrity stylists. Wondering how to do it? Order the […]