May 25, 2017

Neutrogena Marketing Pioneer’s Bright Ideas

I don’t often read obituaries but Lloyd Cotsen’s caught my eye.  At his father-in-law’s Los Angeles cosmetics company, the young college graduate was given the responsibility of marketing an unknown amber-colored bar of soap called Neutrogena.   To give the soap prestige, he persuaded upscale hotels to put the soap in guest rooms.  He invited […]

Double Vision

US Weekly, January 2017 Two celebrities wearing the same outfit?  Double the vision, double your chances of catching an editor’s attention.  The phrase “the more the merrier” can really pay off, especially when it is so hard to grab an editor’s eye.

Next Top Fashion Designer? A Computer

Say it isn’t so!

Oh la la! So glad beret’s are trending again.

Oh la la! So glad beret’s are trending again.

Visions of Gold for Oscars 2017

Looking for a fashion trend from the 2017 Academy Awards?   Looks past the couture gowns that cost as much as your mortgage payments or the diamonds that cost as much as a house!   Visions of gold is the big trend as we head into warmer weather.  The warm tone of gold will be […]