January 23, 2020

Hemsworth Bros Need 4Ocean Bracelets

A great idea to help our oceans! Now they need the Hemsworth Bros wearing them! www.4Oceanshttp:// www.4Oceans bracelet for $20. Represents 1 pound of trash, beads are recycled glass,cord is recycled water bottles.

Watch It – Celebrity Influence on Watches

Having a celebrity wear a watch in public or in a blockbuster movie is a coveted event.   As the WSJ reported in a recent story about the G-Shock watch, Sting wore one at the height of his fame and the watch appeared on Keanu Reeves in “Speed”, not a bad way to show off a […]

Affordable Shoe Worn by Celebrities

Looking for an affordable shoe for special occasions?  Look no further than the $45 shoe by Nine West worn by a number of celebrities.  Did you think celebs only wear expensive brands?  Celebrities often set a trend and this is one trend you won’t want to miss,  a comfortable pair of heels celebrity approved. How did […]

Do Celebrities Continue to Influence Fashion

Some of these fashion influencers will surprise you http://indulgeme.ie/top-10-influential-fashion-stars-2017/

Do Celebrities Influence Consumers?

Steve McQueen Still Sells: The Impact and Influence of a Hollywood Superstar on Fashion by   Eric Labanauskas in   Branding, Personal Branding It’s one thing to have a company invite you to endorse their product, and – at least in the case of fashion – wear it on their behalf. It’s completely another when they […]