May 31, 2020

Tired of Pocket Dialing?

Tired of “pocket dialing”? Newest fashion accessory are neck pouches. I want one!

Leggy Celebrities in Leggings

In our new Covid-19 world, I see women wearing hip, cool leggings. With no red carpets to show off high end fashion, celebrities are showing up and showing off “the new norm” in fashion leggings. Looking casual and comfortable has never looked so good.

Heads Up With a Celeb

Even celebs are missing visits to the salon. Take it from VIPS – the fedora is always in style and the beret beats the beanie.

Celebs Offer Glimpse of Their Homes During Coronavirus Isolation

New celeb trend? Celebs offering glimpse of their homes during Coronavirus isolation.

Scarf Season

Coronavirus Warrior Dr. Deborah Birx wearing colorful scarfs she has collected in her international travel represents, “the global community response that’s needed now” I’m going to pull some of mine out to show my support. #ChicScarfs, #HermesScarfs, #FightCoronavirus