October 24, 2020

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Sneaker Product Placement to NBA Stars

Want to know the coolest sneakers? NBA stars show off the hottest trend.  Are you in the sneaker business?   Hit up basketball stars to showcase your merchandise. https://www.gq.com/story/nba-style-players-carrying-sneakers

Finding the Right “Fit” For Celebrity Product Placement

I frequently write about celebrity product placement and the importance of putting a “target list” together.  It shouldn’t just include top celebrities.  A place to start your first venture at product placement might have VIP’s from your town, after all, your local media might find the football team, the head coach, the Mayor or the […]

The Business Behind Red Carpet Product Placement

Think you have a product a celebrity should wear on the red carpet?  Now is the best time to hit up stylists and introduce them to your brand.  There is a red carpet event every week-end leading up to the “Super Bowl” of red carpets, The Academy Awards.   Why do it?  The Media is constantly […]

Persistence Needed for Celebrity Product Placement Press

Want your product in People Magazine?  Who doesn’t!  With millions of readers, one placement in a celebrity weekly magazine can introduce your product to millions of dollars worth of sales.   How does it work?  Get your product into the hands of as many celebrities as possible.  Once you see 2 or 3 top celebrities wearing […]

Affordable Shoe Worn by Celebrities

Looking for an affordable shoe for special occasions?  Look no further than the $45 shoe by Nine West worn by a number of celebrities.  Did you think celebs only wear expensive brands?  Celebrities often set a trend and this is one trend you won’t want to miss,  a comfortable pair of heels celebrity approved. How did […]